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New CET1100 Series 20kVA Online Single Phase UPS View larger

CET1100 Series 20kVA Online UPS Single Phase

New product

Create Energy 20kVA Robust, Single Phase Input and Output On-Line UPS

  • 20kVA / 14000 Watt / 87 Amps UPS
  • Internal Batteries
  • Hardwired Unit
  • Manufactured in South Africa for Harsh Southern African Power Conditions
  • Optional Networking, Wider Voltage Tolerance, Surge Protection

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More details

  • CET1120-2 10 Minutes
  • CET1120-3 15 Minutes
  • CET1120-4 25 Minutes

Data sheet

Nominal Capacity20kVA / 14kW
Input Power FactorUp to 0.99
Input Voltage Range230VAC +-15% (Special Units +- 30%)
Input Frequency Range50Hz +- 5%
Output Voltage Range230VAC +- 1%
Output Frequency50Hz +- 0.05Hz (Free Running)
Output WaveformPure Sine Wave, THD Less Than 5% (no load to full load) - Typically 3%
Rated Output Power Factor0.7 Lagging
Load Power Factor Range0.5 Lagging to Unity within kW Rating of Unit
Output Harmonic DistortionLess than 3% THD
Transient Response+-5% Under Full Load and Recovery within 30ms
Static Switch Rating1000% for 100ms
Output Current Crest Ratio3:1
SynchronizationSlew Rate: 1Hz/s
Battery TechnologyAGM (Absobed Glass Mat) Sealed VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid)
Nominal DC Voltage432VDC
Battery Quantity64 Batteries minimum
Battery Recharge Time6 hours to 90%
Maximum Charge Current5A (adjustable higher, load dependent)
Static BypassOn Overload or UPS Failure
Manual BypassUser Operated for Maintenance
LCD DisplayUPS Status, Measurements, Loading, Fault Codes
Efficiency (Input - Output)More Than 95%
Transfer Time0ms
Overload200% for 15 seconds. Short Circuit Capability without Damage
Alarms27 Possible alarms for accurate diagnosis
Communication Dry Contacts (Standard)Voltage free N/O or N/C Contacts
Communication RS232 (Optional)Monitor UPS through Direct Cable Connection and Software
Communication SNMP (Optional)Network Control UPS through Management Software and Internet
Communication GSM (Optional)Monitor UPS over GSM Network
Environment Operating Temperature0-40 Degrees Celcius
Environment Operating Humidity0-90% Non-Condensing
Environment Altitude0 - 2000m without Derating
Environment Noise (at 1 meter distance)Less than 50dB
Dimensions Shot Cabinet UPS (WxDxH) mm370 X 680 X 600
Dimensions Tall Cabinet UPS (WxDxH) mm370 X 680 X 845
Dimensions Super Tall Cabinet UPS (WxDxH) mm370 X 680 X 1320
Weight (kg) - Excluding Batteries Tall Cabinet87
Weight (kg) - Excluding Batteries Super Tall Cabinet113

More info

*Product Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The Create Energy Tower CET1100 Series On-Line UPS Unit is a robust unit manufactured in South Africa for harsh Southern African power conditions.

20kVA CET1120:

  • 20kVA / 20000VA / 14000W (14000 Watts) / 87 Amps
  • Optional Special Unit Upgrade: Includes Wider input tolerance and protection against inverter / mains paralleling
  • Optional Surge Protection

The CET1100 UPS Range includes the following sizes:

  • 3kVA UPS
  • 5kVA UPS
  • 8kVA UPS
  • 10kVA UPS
  • 15kVA UPS
  • 20kVA UPS

The 1100 series of UPSs feature:

  • Efficient Single Conversion reactive ONLINE topology based on PWM design using IGBT power devices.
  • As a result, the output remains controlled within 1% with low distortion and noise dissipation, making it ideal for: Servers, Data-centres, Critical network devices, Sensitive electronic equipment, medical, lighting, telecom and industrial uses.
  • 20 Character, 2 line Intelligent Diagnostic Display
  • Advanced PWM Design
  • Single Conversion On-Line
  • DC Overcharge Protection
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design
  • Unity Power Factor Input
  • Long Run-time Battery Capability
  • Internal Batteries
  • Optional Special Upgrade for CET1100 Series Units provides a wider input voltage window and protection against inverter / mains parralleling
  • Optional Fitted Surge Arrestors inside the UPS

Run-times of CET1120 20kVA

ModelNumber of BatteriesEncasement100% Load Backup Time75% Load Backup Time50% Load Backup Time
CET1120-264Internal, Tall Cabinet10 Minutes13 Minutes25 Minutes
CET1120-396Internal, Super Tall Cabinet15 Minutes25 Minutes45 Minutes
CET1120-4128Internal, Super Tall Cabinet25 Minutes40 Minutes60 Minutes



    CET1100 Series Spec Brochure

    Create Energy CET1100 Series Specifications Brochure 3kVA, 5kVA, 8kVA, 10kVA, 15kVA and 20kVA Online, Single Phase UPS

    Download (744.01k)