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New DYNEX 850VA / 650W Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger Only View larger

CEIL 850VA / 650W Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger


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DYNEX 850VA Plug and Play Inverter/Charger

(Inverter Charger Only - Without Battery / Without Battery Cabinet

  • Pure Sine Wave DSP Based Inverter
  • Inverter/Charger is free standing
  • RSA Standard Output Socket Plug
  • Plug and Play Inverter/UPS
  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • 12 Volt dc Circuit

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Data sheet

Battery Rated Nominal Voltage 12
Protection Full Protection: Overload, short circuit, polarity reserve protection
Nominal Capacity 0.85 kVA / 0.65 kW
Nominal Voltage 230VAC
Input Frequency Range 50Hz
Output Voltage Range 220VAC +- 7%
Output Frequency 50Hz
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Rated Output Power Factor 0.8
Nominal DC Voltage 12 VDC
Maximum Charge Current 11A
Battery Charge Voltage (VDC) 12
LCD Display Yes with information

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CEIL DSP Based 850 VA / 650 Watt Plug and Play Inverter/Charger

12 Volt dc Circuit

(A.K.A. "DYNEX" in the India Domestic Market)



CEIL 1450 VA Purre Sine Wave DSP Based Plug 'n Play Inverter Charger

  • 0.850 kVA (850 VA) / 0.650 kW (600 Watt)
  • 12 Volt dc Circuit
  • Includes British 3 Pin 13 A Plug Input
  • Includes 1 x British to RSA Adapter Janus Plug
  • Plug and Play Inverter/UPS
  • Pure Sine Wave Output

*Product Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The Ceil 850 VA / 650 W Inverter/Charger Unit is a high quality Plug and Play Inverter/Charger

(Ceil 850 VA  Inverter/Charger:)

  • 0.85 kVA (850 VA) / 0.65 kW (650 Watt)


The CEIL Inverter/charger converts DC power to AC power with amazing transfer efficiency.

The CEIL 850 VA Inverter/Charger is excellent for home use on appliances such as TVs, media centers, lamps or computers

The Ceil 850 VA series of Inverter/Chargers feature:

  • DSP Based Pure Sine Wave output
  • Wide input voltage range
  • 12VDC or 24VDC models available
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • LCD display for comprehensive information
  • Fully automatic
  • Fan to release heat
  • Built in 9-11A Selectable charger

No Humming

This superior technology product ensures that there is no humming sound when appliances are running on the battery power when the AC Grid supply is down.

Undisturbed TV Viewing

With the commonly available inverter systems (with modified sine wave output) there is often a distortion(or grains) in the TV picture. With CEIL Home UPS, the TV viewing is undisturbed.

Protects your Home Appliances

The reliable grid power like output ensures that the sophisticated equipment in your home is not damaged.

Higher Power Factor

The CEIL Pure Sine Wave Home UPS has a much higher power factor. This means at the same kVA rating it can handle much higher power.

Wider Input Voltage Range

The system has a wider input voltage range - which means it can handle the high levels of voltage fluctuations seen in rural / remote locations.

Other Important Features

The system has 3 charging modes which gives you options depending on the extent of power cuts faced and the availability of charging time. It also has an extra socket for emergency loads. The LCD display on the panel provides better user interface.


CEIL 850 VA Spec Sheet 1

CEIL 850 VA / 650 W Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger Specifications Sheet 1 of 2

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CEIL 850 VA Spec Sheet 2

CEIL 850 VA / 650 W Pure Sine Wave Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger Specifications Sheet 2 of 2

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